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Gameplay Direction For VR Music Game Unplugged*

Now I know how to play a damn good air guitar and this looks really fun with Virtual people waving back to me woooo I am a rockstar!!

About the Game:

Unplugged is a VR music game that puts you in front of a crowd,” Ricardo Acosta says in the video. “It's not about learning to play guitar, it’s about feeling like a rockstar, it's about immersion. We want you to feel like you are there, you are a rockstar in front of a big crowd and you're interacting with them.” The video shows a first glimpse of what that interaction looks like as we see the development team in VR headsets, using hand tracking technology to play air guitar and wave to the virtual audience, which then waves back.

Unplugged is coming to VR in Q3 2021.

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