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Game Jam+ 2020

GameJam+ announce open registration for the first of four stages of the world-renowned Game Development World Cup.

Taking place from October 9th to the 11th, the first stage of GameJam+.

They will challenge participants to create and present unique ideas that will quickly become fully fleshed out projects.

Over the course of seven months and through four stages leading up the finals which take place during Brazil's Independent Games (BIG) Festival in 2021, progressing developers will be provided with the mentorship and tools they need to become full-fledged game development studios.

As the fifth edition of the event, GameJam+ 2020 will feature:

50 Brazilian37 international cities, more than 2,000 participants, 400 projects (100 incubated over two months), and 1,000 volunteers.

Will you be Apart of it?

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