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Game Freak Is Hiring To Develop A New Pokémon Game!

Game Freak has announced it is hiring for 23 new positions in assorted areas to develop a new Pokémon game. This news is extra enticing considering all of Pokémon Presents announcements from The Pokémon Company.

So if you happen to have a relevant skill set and are fluent in Japanese, hit Game Freak up. Trusted translator PushDustIn translated the Japanese announcement in brief:

Game Freak just released The Island of Armor for Pokémon Sword and Shield today, and with it came the revelation that walking Pokémon that follow the player have returned to the franchise. Aside from that, Pokémon Presents announced Pokémon Smile, Pokémon Café Mix, Pokémon GO Mega Evolution, and some obscure project with Bandai Namco called New Pokémon Snap.

It was announced that another Pokémon Presents is coming on June 24, and at that event, there will be a “big project” announced. Could Game Freak be hiring to beef up staff for that project? Possibly, possibly not.

It seems more likely the company is hiring for something that is still in the conceptual phase if it’s new new Pokémon.

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