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Free Key for Epic Chess Closed Beta - Now Available on Steam!

Epic Chess, a fresh take on Auto Battler from the creator of Lineage 2, is now available on Steam for a global closed beta test that will run from April 8 to April 13. Previously holding a successful test in Korea, the game was praised as an ideal esports team battle. Epic Chess preserves the original charm of its genre while introducing innovative gameplay mechanics.

To participate in this closed beta, you can simply get the key from here and activate it on Steam. Keys are available in limited number, so grab yours before they run out!

Follow the instruction below to activate your Steam beta key: 1. Go to your Steam Client. 2. Click on "ADD A GAME" at the bottom left of the launcher. 3. Select "Activate Steam Product" 4. Enter the Closed Beta key, then install ‘Epic Chess’ from your library menu. Official Teaser:

Epic Chess is an auto battler with beautiful graphics with unique and complex strategy, completely new system to the genre. With a multitude of unique race and class which form the game rosters of heroes. Players battle together or against another player in a competitive setting to reach the highest rank among all global players.

Gameplay Video:

Epic Chess Key Features: ● Strategize and plan ahead even before the game starts with Hero and Rune settings.  ● Enjoy unique multiplayer in 4v4 Team Battle Mode and new playing rules. ● Enhance your strategy and by obtaining and deploying Gold. ● Control your own probability and luck, unlike the usual Auto Battler. ● Experience stunning high-quality graphics in a realistic design that goes beyond the limit of an Auto Battler.

Planned Release Date: 2Q 2020

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