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Fortnite Massive Revenue In 2019.

Epic Games and Fortnite continues to smash charts in terms of earning this year. A report compiled by super data research gave some insights into the earnings of Fortnite.

Even though Fortnite is free to play game, and it still topped the chart. According to the report, Free to play games accounted for 4 out of every 5 dollars spent on digital games in 2019 thanks to strong performances from mobile games. Additionally, Fortnite generated a massive $1.8B revenue in 2019. Fortnite was followed by Dungeon Fighter Online and Honour of Kings, both generated $1.6 Billion. This list is for free to play games only.

Mobile Gamers percentage have massively increased, an amount of $64.4 billion was generated over the year. PC Made a staggering $29.6 Billion, and both consoles shared $15.4 Billion. Digital Games shared whopping earning of $109.4 Billion among each other.

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