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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

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'Oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! ' Is pretty much my first thought as I see a delivery sitting on my front doorstep. I run over and see in big letters 'PIXELCRIB" and I know my day has just been made. I shake my head in surprise as I can't believe how fast delivery was.

The packaging is plain but does its job perfectly. It protects the goods. Hat's off to 'PIXELCRIB’ for such perfection for supplying a pristine piece of gaming memorabilia. But that's enough of my excitement, let’s get into the review.

Where do I start...... I sit here with what can only be described as a giant, pristine, collection of pages that is the ultimate dedication to a game that has captured new and old fans of the final fantasy series.

Final Fantasy XV

I tried to do the review after the first read through. Then just as I was about to push publish, I was lightly flicking through the book and I literally only got to the third page. There is a double page like a 'centrefold' type picture. The best way to explain this picture is 'biblical' I push delete on my review.

I realised very quickly that I had made a grave mistake, to even think I had the skill, knowledge or understanding of art to this level of quality and detail of this 220 page art book after just one read through. I stare at this book once again gob smacked as If it was the first time opening it from its packaging. So, I walk off and grab a cup of coffee and try again.

Two read throughs later..... I get to the end and I discovered things that I didn’t know or even realise from the first read through.

I sit here typing this review after six read throughs. I swear there is still things that blow my mind. The detail to back story, art works, and even what seems as flaws in the story to the game are pieced together extraordinarily well through the story telling of art, page after page I am engrossed as if it’s my first time reading through.

To quote on their write up on the book directly from there website

'This lovely coffee table art book is a showpiece for the artwork and design of the Final Fantasy XV world, which covers both the hit game Final Fantasy XV and movie Kingsglaive. The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV is an officially licensed coffee-table book made together with key people from the Final Fantasy XV art team at Square-Enix, who gave detailed insight into their vision for the Final Fantasy XV universe.

Readers can expect a carefully curated collection of designs, drawings and artwork covering the Kingdom of Lucis that demonstrates the dedication that went into the immaculately crafted world of Final Fantasy XV. The selected art ranges from pencil sketches to elaborate renders and digital paintings. Look forward to discovering never-before-seen artwork and screens made specifically for this art book. It is incredible to discover the detail and craft that went into designing a world in which the designers wanted to merge realism and fantasy, and the attention they paid to create the emotional bonds between characters.

The Art & Design of Final Fantasy XV spans 220 pages and is printed in full colour on beautiful silk paper'

This simple blurb does not and I heavily enforce, it does not do this 'book' justice. I give doctor evil air quotes while even writing 'book' in its description. This is scripture to me, the holy book, the exact dimensions is 46cm x 29cm x 4cm of pure artistic bliss. The 'book' is a gamerz dream. The sort of detail crammed in is unbelievable, but then all of a sudden there is a trace paper of an in-game design, whether it’s a monster or a Chocobo or even simply a full page of 3 leaf clovers. But they are throughout the book that provides a welcome change.

I loved the sense of nostalgia when watching Kingsglaive and playing Final Fantasy XV, and the art book doesn't lack in this space. Ranging from Marlboro, to Diamond Weapon to monsters that have been around from the very beginning of Final Fantasy like Ultros

If you didn't get a knights of the round table feel from the old wall protectors then I give up.

The quality of the pages is phenomenal, if anyone saw the unboxing that I provided a couple of weeks back, they would know that I have a very questionably weird habit of sniffing new books.... some try saying it’s a fetish, but I’ll stick to weird habit. After so many read through's I can confirm I am still sniffing away to the demise of many questionable looks thrown my way from my partner. But I can't help it, it's an addiction and a curse.

The fruit of all the hard effort putting such a 'book' together has definitely paid off. It hurts me to even call this a 'book' anymore. To put it simply to address it as anything less than art is a disgrace to such a pinnacle of gaming greatness.

When I feel the pages in between my fingers I can tell instantly the quality is through the roof. The high-end silk paper, UV inks and special printing techniques have created such life like and livid pages that I struggle to turn the page as every time I do the sun reflects on the pages and I notice something new in the deep pictures.

The result is an art book worthy of the Final Fantasy name.

We at received the book from, A group of people helping spread the love of gaming all over the world. The ease of usage of their website to the customer service on their Facebook page is second to none. All of a sudden as I finally finish reading the art book and decide I’m ready to type this review for the final time I think to myself

'What next ?'

I say this next statement with my hand on my heart, Do not! I heavily urge you, do not go on their website unless you are prepared to have your mind blown! Page after page of collectible goodness, consoles, arcades, books you name it they have it. Please do not let the price tag deter you on the items, you truly get what you have paid for and then some. The quality of their product with their service on offer can't be expected to come cheap and can't be explained with a simple review. It is something that must be acknowledged firsthand. But mark my words this will not be my first and last purchase from, GamerzDownunder can guarantee that. It is the beginning of a friendship that we hope will be maintained over the next 15 Final Fantasy games guaranteed.

Let’s face it, the amount of times I have sniffed this artbook probably shouldn't be admitted. Otherwise this will end up a very weird one way relationship between PixelCrib and GamerzDownunder...... it's a curse and an addiction!

Can I give this art book and pixel crib a rating out of 10? simple answer is yes I could. Do I want to? very simple answer…. No. This is not something that I can possible give just a number, this 'Book' is art, so while it is biblical and I'm happy if the world ends tomorrow as long as I have this 'Book' under my pillow tonight. Some others may not feel the same way, But If you show me the person who would even think about deeming PixelCrib or the artbook as rubbish I can guarantee you they are a troll and their opinion is not needed nor listened to by any of Gamer Downunder. This sort of quality Can’t be denied.

I urge you all to jump over and have a look at their website, this review is done on their standard edition. The collector’s edition looks like I'm selling my child’s stocks and keeping a copy of that locked in my basement safe. I sat here typing up the review thinking you could not get any better and then PixelCrib steps it up to another level. My nose itches at the thought of getting close to it.

Until then just remember,

It will never be Game over & Gamerz got to game!!

I'm off not to sniff this artbook .... I swear.....

Written by Steven Dalzell

Proud gamer, budding author and massive new fan of PixelCrib and dieing to do a playthrough of final fantasy VX

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