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Face the Yokai Monsters and Take Your “Home Sweet Home” Back! - Released on Android

“Yokai” are spirits found in many ancient folktales told throughout Japan. They are the enemies you will face while trying to escape from the nightmare land. To do so, you are equipped with a range of unique tools to, not necessarily kill these disturbed spirits, but to bring them peace.

Key features

  • Face charging Yokai with concentrated attacks!

  • Human, animal and... even tool-shaped!? Confront various Yokai!

  • 8 types of “weapons” to use according to the situation and the type of enemy!

  • Over 200 stages!

  • 52 kinds of fun and exciting player skins to collect!

While the core game play is extremely simple, this game is designed to be enjoyable for everyone, from kids all the way up to veteran shooter game fans. Here, there is no need to worry about ammo or reloading: it’s all about the shooting! That’s right, all you’ve got to do is shoot!

As you play, you will collect coins to spend not only on gaining access to new weapons, but also on improving your character’s skills and health, and unlocking new skins.

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