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F1 2020 - Review

'Hey Emily!' ' where’s my helmet ?' I yell from the gaming room, I can’t see my partner but i know she would have a concerned look on her face. she knows something must be up because she ignores me. I stomp around the corner like a spoilt kid. I look at her, arms crossed tapping my foot.

'last week it was your Akurbura, this week its a helmet.... what are you up to ?"

' I’m Michael Schumacher !" i yell in celebration as i spot my helmet over in the corner, she just rolls her eyes and leaves me alone for the next couple of hours.

As i sit down, helmet on. I realise I can’t fit my head phones on. 'damn it' I mutter as I take the helmet off, by now if you haven’t realised while doing a review, or even just playing the game. I love to get into the zone of the game, this entails, cowboys, police officers, fantasy mages and this week F1 racer.

The game is F1 2020 - Michael Schumacher special edition.

I must admit that I am walking into this game as a complete noob. While some racing car games have been my genre over the years, this game is bordering on the perfection side of racing mechanics and physics to the point where I would reference it as a simulator than a game. For anyone who watched my stream I definitely spent more time in the sand pit than I did on the podium that’s for certain.

If we're talking V8 supercars I could reference some of the drivers, but when it comes to F1 I’m out of my league, especially when my daughters ask

'dad who’s that?" 'dad where you supposed to crash?" ' dad why are you in the sand ?" 'dad whose Michael shoe maker?"

as you can guess i turned it off at that point because my super dad status was slowly slipping.

Finally i get some time to myself and i fire it back up.... moments later I’m back in that dam sand trap, this game is not for driving noobs like myself. Don’t take my struggling as the game is bad, it proves to me that all this training on need for speed turns out doesn’t actually work in a game with any driving physics. I make a quick phone call to my brother and he drops off a steering wheel kit.

Now is my time to shine, truthfully if you have a steering wheel kit then this game is a must have. The trials have an awesome rewind feature that rescued me from my mortal enemy - the sand pit.

I get confident and start a career mode, something that has been done for a long time in the gaming world but this time it has its own slight spin. You are the owner and driver. The level of detail that goes into just the interviews is amazing. Dependent on your responses, stats get thrown into your car. For example , if the interviewer asks ' why do you think your car will go so well this year ?" you are given multiple choices to pick from, ranging , speed, turning, braking etc. Dependent on your response, your learning and development team are listening, and they actually modify the car to suit what your response was. The standard dilemma of certain amount of kitty is given, you then have to purchase a vehicle and a second driver etc. without blowing your budget. This is when things take a turn for the worse. Of course, i want to go quick, I pool all my money into the fastest car I can possibly make. The problem with that in a game with Driving physics is the faster you go the harder you have to brake, requiring better brake pads, using more tyers, using more fuel the list goes on. I finally work out how to get out of the sand pit only to run out of fuel. I must remember not to play this game in front of my children again.

With that all being said, for someone who is an F1 fan, or even a driving simulator fan. This is a must have, The sounds, the graphics, the courses. Everything is perfection. well nearly everything except for my driving, i guess.

The learning curve isn’t to steep when it comes to the new features, managing day to day events, where to spend and save money. It gives me a taste of what it would be like to be a wealthy millionaire who races cars and let me tell you. It tastes good.

There is multiple options for people with my 'limited driving capabilities' and people more attuned to the series that’s for certain, so if you’re a noob like me and just want to have a spin, fire it up and have a go. If you’re a die hard, helmet wearing, simulator loving millionaire, then wave to me when you drive past the car stuck in the sand pit please.

I recommend this Racing it to anyone who wants to play, new to the series or a series old timer

Graphics: 9

Sound: 9

Story: 6

Replay Value: 8 Gives the game 8/10

All in all the game is very welcoming to new comers and fans of the series, it is a step up from previous titles in the genre and I believe its definitely moving in the right direction with some choices being made. I even find out with the 'Michael Shoe maker" edition, it gives you certain skins, vehicles and even podium finishes. If I ever get to that podium finish, I will be sure to report in on how good, it was.

thanks for tuning in and having a read, I’m off to rewind my way out of this sand trap and see if I can get that glorified podium finish. Or even a whole career finish.

have fun gamerz and remember

It Will Never Be Game Over


Gamerz Gotta Game

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