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Exomecha – Beta Sign Up & Trailer!

Beta sign ups are now live for, EXOMECHA, a very cool looking new multiplayer FPS with epic battles where you can use gadgets, special abilities and huge mechs to blast your way through a robot-filled planet.

Coming to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

EXOMECHA is a competitive multiplayer FPS with multiple game modes (including battle royale and an objective-based game mode) with fast paced first person combat and huge metallic monstrosities to blast. As well as fighting on-foot, you’ll also be able to jump into vehicles and agile mechs, and there are even some Impressive bosses to battle too such as a giant metallic fire-breathing dragon!

It looks Amazing, with the spectacle-filled mech-on-mech combat and a diverse array of vehicles and metallic monstrosities to deal with. Sign up for the EXOMECHA Beta to start kicking some metallic ass early!

Sign Up For The EXOMECHA Beta Here (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

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