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Evercade Delayed

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Today, Evercade Sent all of there customers an email at 12:12am AESDT

In Evercade's latest update they informed cusotmers that the screen will not be available until the 10th of January, instead of the end of December as they had initally planned, as they have decided to upgrade the screen of the device to give a better viewing angle and resolution.

"Evercade said that they could rush the productions to reach the original deadline however that would lead to compromised product quality and That was unacceptable"

Evercade have been VERY open and honest to there followers through out this production stage, always responding to them on facebook in either their main page or their group. Also I love how they are asking for feeback on designs and cartrige capacity.

I really think that making the customer wait a couple of weeks for an improved screen is acceptable.

The consol is now set to be release on 9 - April - 2020

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