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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Reveal Trailer

From publisher Binary Haze Interactive as well as developers Live Wire and Adglobe,

Music by musical group Mili, whose credits include Goblin Slayer opening “Rightfully” and other anime franchises such as Ghost in the Shell. The group has created tracks for rhythm games enjoyed by millions, from “Chocological” and four others for Cytus to “Night Point Eight” and 18 more for DEEMO.

About the Game.

Lily, the last surviving priestess in a land devastated by an endless and oppressive rain turning people undead, awakens in a church with no memory of recent events. As she explores beyond the relative safety of the sanctuary, Lily will summon the spirits of purified undead to protect her on a journey to find the source of the rain twisting her home into a haunted shadow of itself.

Other Developments.

Keisuke Okabe helms the story and game direction for the first of its three upcoming titles, ENDER LILIES, a collaborative effort between Binary Haze Interactive’s sister companies Adglobe and Live Wire.

It will be comming out in Winter 2020!

There are another two titles, under development by Adglobe’s teams in Tokyo, Osaka, and Montreal, what will be revealed next year.

There is no mention of what platform ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights will be on but it looks amazing!

What do you think about the game?

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