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Eb Games Is Pushing Back Pre-Orders For the PS5

People have received emails from EB Games saying that yesterday’s SMS and email that were sent to customers yesterday pushing them forward in the PS5 pre-order queue were sent in error.

At the time of writing this we are unsure if that will affect all gamerz that received the email/SMS yesterday.

It was just like the email that I received regarding my xbox pre order that was pushed forward to only be told 3 hours later that that was an error.

So what date will you receive your console well we will find out togeather.

below is a couple of the email that was received..

We have made a mistake regarding your PlayStation 5 pre-order.

Yesterday, you were sent an SMS and an email in error, advancing you in our queue.

We regret to inform you that this is not the case, and your original place in the queue still stands. We want to assure you, you still have a valid pre-order with EB Games.

We understand the magnitude of the mistake and sincerely apologies for the confusion and disappointment that we have caused you.

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