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Dungeon Dogs Update!

PocApp Studios is excited to announce that Dungeon Dogs, the new mobile idle RPG released on August 19th 2020, has been picked up by Google, as well as Apple, and this past week been featured on the Play store and App Store respectively.

Already accumulating over 250,000 downloads from launch, with an average review score on both stores of 4.8, Dungeon Dogs is on course to be PocApp Studios’ most successful IP to date. Hoping to eclipse Castle Cats’ current download total of 5 million, Dilaram Massimova, CEO of PocApp Studios stated:

“It’s been an incredibly strong start for Dungeon Dogs and with so many mobile gamers downloading the game, as well as the support of our community, we’re incredibly humbled to receive so much attention, so fast. When we set out to design a game that expanded on the Castle Cats universe we were looking to release a solid title that appealed to our current fanbase, as well as capture the hearts of dog lovers too. With Apple and Google recognising the game by featuring Dungeon Dogs in their stores, we feel that all our birthdays and Christmases have come at once. As an Indie, mobile first, developer, being recognised by both Google and Apple is a very humbling experience that encourages us to keep producing quality games with mass appeal in the future.”

Dungeon Dogs was featured on the Google Play Store in the ‘New and Updated Games’ section of the front page, whilst Dungeon Dogs also saw itself in the App Store’s ‘Games We Love’ Section.

Dungeon Dogs, merchandise has been launched in support of the title allowing fans of the game to add a physical and tactile reminder of their favourite characters. This merchandise can be purchased at

Dungeon Dogs is now available to download via the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon.

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