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Digimon Card Game Coming Next Month

The Digimon franchise has been a mainstay in Japanese media since its inception. From the Digimon World series of video games to the anime, Digimon has gotten ample attention from its devoted fanbase. However, one aspect of the franchise has been neglected time and time again. Digimon's card games, whether its the Digi-Battle Card Game or the CCG, have never really gotten out of the shadow of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

However, this may all change in January 2021, when the next reimagining of the Digimon franchise's TCG line, the aptly-named Digimon Card Game, is first released in English.

Since its Japanese release this past April and despite the overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, fans worldwide have touted this game as the best iteration of a Digimon card game that has so far been conceived of. This has caused a number of sellers in Japan to sell out quickly to an international audience, despite selling cards printed only in Japanese. There are also talks of the international release quickly catching up to Japan's already-formidable cache of cards in the language.

However, official English-language tournaments will not permit foreign-language cards to be used. This could be due to a need to sell cards in English specifically, to ensure the longevity of the game in the region. Nevertheless, this seems not to have deterred fans of the game from wanting to support it more.

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