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Diablo Immortal Launches Today As A Technical Alpha Only In Aus

Who wouldn't lilke some Diablo action on mobile- ,

Diablo Immortal’s technical alpha has launched & it is restricted to Australia.

For those of you that can check it out, the technical alpha has four classes available - Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter with a level cap of 45.

It also will have Paragon points beyond that, and that includes seven open world zones and six dungeons. Blizzard’s goal is to test the early level experience and mid-game systems, as well as client performance and server stability.

Yes, It’s Free-to-Play

It’s officially, 100% confirmed. “We plan to have all content, all story and all classes… be free,” lead designer Wyatt Cheng told the participants in the technical alpha pre-briefing. “Diablo Immortal will have in-game purchases that are not required for people to progress or to simply enjoy the game…”

what is a great way to keep the players engaged with the game and not have to pay to win.

To Pre Register you can Click HERE

Good luck Gamerz and let us know what you think of the game!

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