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Delayed! Fortnite Season 2 Another Two Weeks Away

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2, is delayed as per an official Epic Games blog post. 

Chapter 2 season 2 is starting on 20 February 2020, after being pushed back from 6 February 2020.

Dataminers discovered the pushback in the game's API, extending Season 1 well beyond any other Fortnite season. As of yesterday, it was in its 100th day, having started on October 15 of last year. Fortnite seasons are, on average, ten weeks long.

In the official announcement, the Fortnite team references how the game's move to Unreal Engine's Chaos physics engine has affected the newest season.

"At launch, the goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like Fortnite. Along the way there will be some bumps, so we're starting tests with a small group of players."

Unreal Engine's Chaos engine probaby has been the issue with "BUMPS" that could have caused the delay in the start of season 2. Epic isn't saying that outright. Epic is trying to smooth them out before jumping into what has to be the most anticipated season yet. 

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