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Death Stranding Figure Coming Soon

Death Stranding figure is getting ready to launch. That thing is a beast! But Good Smile Company also has a more traditional Nendoroid coming later this year for the game's stoic protagonist Sam Porter Bridges.

For starters, the cutie comes with a miniature BB, to say nothing of the even smaller Cryptobiote snack. I also appreciate that the Odradek – the flapping scanner device designed to help Sam scout out ghostly BTs – has "several points of articulation," so it can be posed for maximum dramatic effect.

That said, they're saving the best stuff for the deluxe Great Deliverer figure.

That's right – this Nendoroid can carry a ridiculous cargo stack, just like in Death Stranding.

The standard Nendoroid Sam Porter Bridges costs $49.99, while the Great Deliverer Version commands a steep $83.99 price tag. Good Smile Company is taking pre-orders and expects to ship in August 2020.

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