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Dead Cells 'The Bad Seed' DLC Revealed With Trailer

Developer: Motion Twin, has continued to support the game.

Dead Cells is now unveiling its first paid DLC which is scheduled for next year and it looks set to deliver more quality gameplay.

Dead Cells were praised for using the gaming conventions of Metroid and Castlevania in a unique way. Possessing the head of an immortal, players must navigate through enemies, the only catch is that players are stripped of their items and must start again if they die. The game encouraged the exploration of multiple avenues and many will hope the new DLC, The Bad Seed, will have the same replay value.

The new teaser opens up with fairytale text and peaceful music until bloody deaths take place. There is then the of off-camera violence before information about the game is given.

The Bad Seed will be $4.99 when it is released in Q1 of 2020, it will also include a mushroom companion and a double-slot weapon. Alot of people will be happy to have more content for the most acclaimed games of 2018 and it might attract new players.

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