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Children Of The Eclipse Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser

Boom! New Game Trailer For Children of the Eclipse

Developer: Nutfarm

I am excited to see a top down retro style shooter that can be two player that can become one player for special abilities.

As i started to watch the trailer it immediatly hit me with the Viberant Colors, Clean Finishes and who can forget the Funny Comments that are a bit of Tounge and cheek.

So far we know that it will be launched on select desktop and console platforms in late 2020.

We will keep you updated as soon as we get further infomation.

Children of the Eclipse is a hardcore 1-2 player retro shooter at heart, wrapped in next-gen graphics, set in a unique far-future utopian sci-fi world teeming with life.

The game is set in a far-future utopia, where all energy sources are renewable and cultures take pride in finding scientific solutions that benefit everyone, not just themselves.

You´ll also find plenty of unique humor in this buzzing world - may it be sentient rocks, mercenary DJs or scientists in mind control suits.

Pilot and Flexbot are two Synthesizers on Planet O-2, where societies are built on scientific research, not on wealth or the strength of an army.

Their job is to make sure Fringe Zone explorers and researchers keep out of trouble. An easy-going job takes an unexpected turn when Flexbot goes missing... The pair embarks on an adventure filled with explosive battles, unforgettable characters and lots of partying.


- Hardcore 2 player retro shooter at heart

- 1 and 2 - player game modes

- A rich world populated by unforgettable characters

- Destructible environment

- Asymmetrical gameplay

- Awesome soundtrack

Below is the Game play Footage Let us know what you think?

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