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Capcom New Trademarks For Dino Crisis

More speculation over another long-awaited remake.

Best known for the flagship Resident Evil series it may be, the veteran studio has been responsible for creating a number of amazing franchises over the years, many of which have garnered a cult following since.

Developed and released just a year after the original Resident Evil 2, Dino Crisis, adopted alot of game play from Resident Evil 2 .

Spotted by Bloody Disgusting, a Twitter account that publicizes trademark applications in Japan has revealed several recently filed by Capcom. The trademarks were apparently filed on November 29th of 2019.

There could be a chance that it’s simply a case Capcom protecting intellectual property. We’ll just have to wait for any potential further developments on this one.

Do you want this Game to be remade?

Source: Twitter

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