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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Outback Proceeds Will Be Donated to Australia!

Australia is in the grips of a nationwide bushfire emergency. It is Great to see the Gaming Developers jumping on board to help us.

INFINITYWARD Games are registered trademarks of ACTIVISION publishing.

The whole team a thanks you!

Here are some of the key ways you can help people directly affected:

Donate to the Australian Red Cross, who are supporting thousands of people in areas affected.

Donate to the Salvation Army, who are providing meals and additional support to those affected.

Donate to the St Vincent de Paul society, who are helping affected communities to recover with support to pay their bills, providing them with clothing, and assisting them in rebuilding their homes.

Donate to Foodbank, who will continue to provide meals to those affected.

Donate to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, who have a Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund which will support people who have been affected by the bushfires.You can also offer housing to those in need of accomodation - Airbnb and Find a Bed have special offerings for people affected.

Here are some of the key ways to help the firefighters:

You can donate directly to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, who have set up individual funds to support the families of the firefighters that have been killed.

For Victorian fire brigades, you can donate to the Country Fire Authority. They are also helping to provide additional accomodation for locals who have lost their homes.

You can also donate to the Country Fire Service in South Australia, and the Rural Fire Brigades Association in Queensland.

Here are some of the key ways to support wildlife:

The World Wildlife Fund is taking donations to direct all of its efforts towards Koala conservation.

Donate to WIRES, who are currently helping to care for thousands upon thousands of injured and sick animals affected by the bushfires.

Support various GoFundMe's which have been set up in support of animals, including Port Macquarie's Koala Hospital, which is helping to rescue and care for injured animals.

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