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Brand New Auto-Battler 'Heroes Showdown' Launches Free In Steam Early Access!

The game previously held a closed beta test on Steam in April under its former title: Epic Chess. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from players worldwide, especially for its iconic 4v4 Team Battle mode which had never existed before in the genre.

Heroes Showdown is a new unique Auto Battler with a focus on strategic elements. Players will experience both the thrills of stunning graphics and in-depth customizable playstyle.

In Heroes Showdown, players can choose their Heroes and battle plan before the match. Decide to fight their way against other players or team up with them to share the glory. The choice is always theirs.

Key Features

Dictates Your Own Strategy

  • Plan ahead your approach to every game you play.

  • Fortify your strategy before entering the match with Heroes and Runes Preselect.

  • Influence the probability and take control of your own luck with strategy-focused game mechanics.

  • Enhance your tactics even further by extending the use of gold to purchase and strengthen items.

Fight with Others in the 4v4 Team Battle

  • Join up with other players to battle against others in a unique game setting.

  • Communicate with your teammates and help each other build their unstoppable army.

  • Become the spotlight of your team during Showdown Battle.

Win against another chosen commander of the opponent team and bring your team powerful perks


  • Experience an Auto Battler like never before with the vivid and realistic world design.

  • High quality graphics created with Unreal Engine.

Watch the official trailer video here

Gameplay movie -

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