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Animal Crossing Free DLC Art Gallery, Treasure Trawler & So Much More!

If your enjoying Animal Crossing like me but are looking for more content, There is great news. Recent data mines have suggested that Free DLC is on the way, and today we have confirmation. Nintendo just dropped a trailer revealing big updates for April 23, including an Art Gallery, the Treasure Trawler, and more! You can check out the trailer by clicking below.

Art Gallery, Treasure Trawler, and more

This Free DLC update adds new visiting retailers like Leif’s Garden Shop (where you’ll be able to buy bushes) and Jolly Red’s Treasure Trawler.

The latter will dock on your secret island shore and sell rare artwork and furniture. Speaking of artwork, the free DLC adds an expansion to your museum in the form of an art gallery.

Nintendo also unveiled an upcoming schedule of events:

  • Nature Day – April 23 through May 4 (limited time Nature Day activities)

  • May Day – May 1 through May 7 (limited time May Day Tour)

  • International Museum Day – May 18 through May 31 (Stamp Rally)

  • Wedding Season – June 1 through June 30

All the fun kicks off this week on Thursday, April 23.

I can’t wait to dive into the new content, and with the quarantine still in full swing, this will be a great way to spend time indoors.

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