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All The Game Reveals From The Game Awards.

What a Massive day it was on Friday! The Game Awards this year was Amazing!

The Game Awards is really the last major set of reveals for video games before the year closes. There's always some new games and fresh footage for others, which makes it worth watching amongst all the speeches.

Here's all the EPIC game REVEALS! from the show.

Rise of the Phonex introduces Cable, Gambit, Phoenix and Ice Man to the game. It releases on 23rd of December 2019.

It Brings back all those Jaws moments except you the one doing all the Eating and you can evolve and customise your shark. it will be out in May 2020.

No More Heroes III 5 minute trailer!

The latest numbered installment in the No More Heroes series – is set for release exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2020!!

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Epic Cloud Focused Trailer!

Get an introduction to this iconic hero in this trailer shown during The Game Awards, and get ready to experience more of his story when FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE launches Worldwide for PS4 on March 3, 2020.

Microsoft Revealed the Next Xbox As Xbox Series X

Ninja Theory Did What They Did Best And Showed Off Their First Xbox Series X Game. It’s Hellblade Ii

New good looking Joker in Mortal Kombat 11

New PS5 Game Reveal trailer looked super Sexy! can't wait for next GEN!

The game is from the same team (or at least some of them) that brought you the original series and Octopath Traveler. Coming out in 2020!

Co-op spaceship with dogfights and all. it is out Now! on PC

A New Magic: The Gathering Game Theros: Beyond Death

Magic The Gathering a new action MMO called Magic Legends

There will be no chance I will be playing this way to scary for me haha:) It is a Sequel to Forest.

Ruined King, A League Of Legends Story Was Shown Off For The First Time!

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance could be the balder’s gate Secquel!

I actually liked when Mirage crashed the ceremony to reveal the holiday event for apex legends is starting as of yesterday 13/12/19

Microsoft delayed ori and the will of the wisps, but they still showed gameplay. It still looks beautiful, but is coming in March

Weird West a new game from devolver Digital

Oculus Studios revealed path of the warrior, a subversive beat em up

Sony released the full trailer of Ghost of Tsushima, no release date.

Microsoft revealed Gears Tactics

First look at Karaka : Bladepoint Revealed! Very nice sytlish game From china

A group of ex-arma and remedy devs working on nine to five, a tactical shooter


Just to make sure you Couldnt forget about League of Legends Riot Revealed another game – convergence

Now is there a doctor in the house! New trailer Surgeon Simulator 2.

The Wolf Among Us 2 has been re-announced.

The final Reveal was....

Fast & Furious: Crossroads was announced by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez

What I can say... What a massive EVENT! thank you to The Game Awards for a STUNNING performace well done!

If you would like to watch & enjoy the whole event it is Below!

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