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All Major Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailers!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be released just over 20 years after the original title. March is now just around the corner. Five years is indeed a normal amount of time for any game’s development, but this one’s conception lies many years before the start of its development on PS4.

It is an exciting time for Final Fantasy fans. With all the effort that was put into bringing this title into existence, Square Enix certainly deserves credit for spending time on something that fans have long been asking for.

Though the hype for this game resurfaced at its official announcement at E3 2015, audiences have been adamantly vocal about this remake starting 10 years earlier at E3 2005.

Both reveal events happened at Sony’s E3 press conferences respectively. When Sony was first showing off the PS3 at E3 2005, Square Enix was there presenting a tech demo of its new software tools, recreating the intro to Final Fantasy 7.

There was a hunger among the crowd for the game to come back in all its HD glory. It is interesting how an original PlayStation game was briefly re-imagined and teased as a PS3 tech demo, then was re-revealed as a new PS4 game, and is now imminently releasing the same year as the PS5.

Below is a history of every trailer released to date of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, starting with the most recent.

TGS 2019

The trailer from TGS 2019 shows off so much of the game in very little time. There are more looks at Midgar as Cloud and the rest of the Final Fantasy 7 crew make their way through, fighting and dodging enemies.

There are also closer looks at some of the enemies that Cloud and his companions will be facing. Reno and Rude are featured, along with Tifa, Barret, Sephiroth and his remnants, Shinra soldiers, a bunch of shots of summons.

Mini-games, such as darts and exercising, are also shown off. The trailer ends with a cute picture of a chocobo chick as a pre-order incentive.

E3 2019

This E3 2019 trailer Reveals the release date of the game as March 3, 2020.

23 years after the release of Final Fantasy 7 for the original PlayStation. It begins by showing a spectacular bird’s eye view of Midgar after showing the flower girl herself, Aerith and also shows Cloud and members of Avalanche fighting off Shinra soldiers on motorcycles.

Materia is also shown. There are a number of behind-the-shoulder shots of Cloud walking and running throughout the city streets, and another look at the battle system is shown off. The trailer shows off a couple of seconds of dialogue from Barret and other companions, also showing how they can be controlled during battle.

After quite a wait, fans also received their first look at FF7 Remake's Tifa in this trailer.

State of Play

Square Enix released this Trailer on Twitter before being revealed on PlayStation’s May State of Play stream. It starts with the phrase, “The Return Draws Closer.” The trailer has looks at the early battles, including a brief shot of the Guard Scorpion, and shows the first time Cloud meets Aerith.

Sephiroth is also briefly and ominously teased toward the end. Because this trailer dropped in May, it was obvious this was a preamble to the presentation at E3 2019. It ends with the phrase, “More to come in June,” pointing to a much deeper look into the scenes in this trailer.

PlayStation Experience 2015

Late 2015, this trailer was shown off at Sony’s PSX convention that December. It is significant for being the first look at any gameplay from the remake.

The differences between this trailer and the more recent ones can be subtle in some areas but more obvious in others.

Some differences can be spotted in combat mechanics and movement, such as the position of the camera, which is much closer to Cloud in this version of Final Fantasy 7, when he is free-walking throughout the city.

E3 2015

Sony’s E3 2015 press conference, which took place 10 years after the demo that started this hype train to begin with, is the definition of a teaser trailer.

There is no gameplay, and to the unfamiliar, this might not immediately click that this is a Final Fantasy 7 trailer.

There are hints dropped throughout such as the general atmosphere of Midgar and the look of clothing and the streets.

When the piano eventually starts up, it becomes more and more clear what is being shown, as the camera swoops down from the sky.

The significance of this trailer does not just come from the fact that this game is so long-awaited. It is significant because it is ostensibly a make-good on the previous year’s, accidental or not, trolling from Square Enix.

PlayStation Experience 2014

When it first started, some people were skeptical but that did not stop a great number of fans from getting ecstatic over the fact that their beloved remake was finally announced.

When it finally became clear that this was just a port of the PC version, people were understandably disappointed. Either way, months later, everybody won, and though the road has lasted this long, there is certainly no harm in waiting just a few more months.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2020.

Let us know what you think of Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

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