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Alienware Unveils Concept UFO & It's Handheld PC Prototype

Now I am a Massive Nintendo Switch Fan and I am really Hyped for this console!

So at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Alienware introduced:

Concept UFO, a handheld gaming PC that deffinately draws heavy inspiration from Nintendo Switch.

The unit features like detachable left and right pieces that can be connected to create a controller that just happens to look like a UFO.

Alienware isn't revealing hardware specifics, discussing things like battery life, and won't even comment on whether this prototype will actually become a real product. What Alienware is showing is a unique vision for where PC gaming could go.

The prototype runs Windows 10, weighs roughly under 1 kilo, and features an eight-inch 1200p display.

The controllers connect to it through magnetic strips. The screen is equipped with a back-mounted kickstand that can be extended when the controller is removed. USB-C ports on the unit can be used for a variety of things, including connecting a keyboard and mouse.

What do you think of Alienware's vision of the future for PC gaming?

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