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Raji: An Ancient Epic is Coming Soon to Console and PC

Raji: An Ancient Epic was originally released on the Nintendo Switch and received much praise and became the winner of multiple awards, including “Best of MIX Live” and “Best Game of Show” at Devplay.

Raji: An Ancient Epic will be launching on PC, XBOX and Playstation 4 on October 15.

You are chosen by the Gods to stand against the demonic invasion against the human race. Will you follow your destiny and save Ancient India and your family from this plague?

From developers Nodding Head Games and publisher, Raji: An Ancient Epic takes place in Ancient India and allows players to take control of Raji, a young girl who has been chosen by the Gods to defend both her homeland and earth from demonic entities who are determined to destroy her world. Raji must save her brother and ensure that her homeland is safe.

Set in Ancient India, Raji: An Ancient Epic utilizes the Pahari art style and is a beautifully crafted action-adventure that thrusts you into a war that must not be lost. Inspired by ancient Indian mythology and medieval architecture, the game brings a refreshing new style to the genre. Experience a game set in ancient India and infused with Hindu and Balinese mythology.

Every corner of the game’s environment is drawn in the Pahari art style and combines hand-painted textures, rendered in 3D. Using a diverse variety of weapons handpicked by the gods themselves, you must hone and master your skills to ensure you can handle any situation that is thrown your way.

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