8BitDo Retro Handheld Hybrid

The Pocket Go SN30 is a a handheld that hasn’t officially launched yet, but has been leaked by many reddit users within the handheld community and in the Retro Gamers Facebook Group.

There’s no information on how much “contribution” the designer has had, but it’s enough to make the handheld stand out and look as if it could fit quite nicely next to 8BitDo’s wireless controllers.

All of the information as follows is regarded as “leaked”, and no real facts has been revealed as of yet, but it seems some members of the community have the low down before us, so the information we are listing from here on out is rumoured, but most likely true.

  • Quad Core 1.2GHZ AllWinner A33 CPU

  • 512MB RAM

  • Mali400 MP2 GPU

  • 2500 MAH Battery

  • 3″ – 3.5″ LCD Display

  • USB-C Charging

Visually the Pocket Go SN30 looks quite appealing but it’s certainly missing a few things in order for us to go “wow”, and the specs are one of our main concerns.

What Can The Pocket Go SN30 Emulate?

This little pocket rocket can emulate the following games:

  • NES

  • SNES

  • GBA

  • GB

  • GBC

  • PS1

  • PSP

  • Master System

  • Mega Drive (Genesis)

  • Dreamcast

  • Neo Geo

  • MAME

  • N64 (most likely not)

That’s a wide selection of consoles, and in all honesty, it can probably emulate more at launch. PSP and N64 is a push, due to the CPU not being up to scratch, and even the better RK3326 chips sometimes struggles with it.